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Pipe Unions are a sort of fitting device capable of connecting 2 pipelines that may be separated while not causing any distortion to the pipework. Pipe unions are used to make any type of small-bore plumbing connections that require a strong sealing and simple installation and dismantling. 

In other words, pipe unions may readily separate two pipes and for this convenience, they are in high demand in the pipe fittings industry. Shacha Technoforge offers a variety of different size forged union that serves a wide variety of industry and in many different applications.

Advantages of Union

Forged pipe fitting union designed and created by Shacha Technoforge also highlights many additional advantages apart from its most certain usage. They are,

  • Shacha Technoforge creates the finest quality union pipe fitting that is used to provide a leak-proof disconnect point in any pipe system, this provides them an edge over other solutions to attach pipes as they can be easily disassembled too.

  • Union pipe fittings are generally utilized to install metering and regulating devices into any plumbing application and make the monitoring of the network easy.

  • With a pipe union, it is possible to link a certain pipe system to any vessel.

  • With specifically designed unions, you can easily connect two pipes of totally different sizes.

  • Given its design and purpose, it is simple to remove the joint between two pipes.

  • As mentioned earlier, the biggest advantage of the union pipe fitting is its ease of installation that at times does not even require professional help.

  • Also by design, since they are used as a plumbing solution, they are essentially corrosion resistant.

  • It is easy to design and purpose, also the manufacturing process makes it possible for Shacha Technoforge to offer the highest quality Union at the most affordable price.

Application of Union Pipe Fittings

Pipe unions are utilized in a variety of domestic as well as industrial purposes, including the following:

  • Union pipe fittings are extensively used in pipelines and plumbing networks;

  • They are used in process piping systems;

  • They are implemented in fire protection applications;

  • And also are used in a variety of other applications that employ Water flor and also wastewater treatment.


Shacha Technoforge is known to create a flexible and durable Union pipe fitting solution that is applied in various sectors.

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