Pipe Fitting Products Manufacturers and Suppliers In India

At Shacha Technoforge we are acutely mindful of the importance of maintaining market standards. And thus we have been regarded as one of the most trusted alliance for a wide range of clients in industries such as agriculture, pipe fittings, railways, refineries, automobiles, and so on. Gears, Metal Flanges, and Pipe Fitting are among the products we sell, and they have gained a reputation for unrivalled supremacy. Shacha Technoforge is awarded the ISO 9001: 2015 certification in the manufacture and forging of world class Pipe Fitting products.


Our Pipe Fitting Products:

1) Union
2) Cross
3) 90 Elbow
4) 45 Elbow
5) Tee
6) Reducer Tee
7) Coupling


1) Pipe Union Fittings Manufacturers & Suppliers

Any sort of little width funneling links requiring an efficient sealing and simple assembling or disassembling techniques are made possible with the assistance of pipe Union. Our Pipe Union is a sort of fitting hardware planned in such a manner to join two pipes which can be separated without the need of causing any damage to the pipe. All in all, the pipe union can put in or put out of place two lines without any problem.

Our Union consists of three parts namely A Nut; A Female end and A Male End. It is the joining of the male and female end which ensures the required pressure sealing of the pipe joint. We offer our Union pipe fittings in variety of Types, standards made of different alloys, with durable like cycle and world standard resistance quality towards corrosion or other wear and tear.

The advantages of our product ranges from providing a leak-proof connection joint, easy to install, affordable to making it convenient to connect two differently sized pipes, connecting vessels piping systems etc.


2) Cross Fitting Manufacturers & Suppliers

A Cross fitting is typically a pipe fittings which is Cross shaped with 4 ports at 90 degrees with connection to the main line. It is a short pipe fitting with lateral outlet.  It is a four way four equal sized female opening, this type of fitting is used as 01 inlet and 03 outlets or inversely in some cases of industrial use such as firewater sprinkler lines.

Our Cross pipe fittings have a varied industrial and commercial application in areas such as Automotive, Marine, Textiles, and Refinning etc.


3) 90 Elbow (90 Degree Elbow) Manufacturers & Suppliers

An elbow is used to adjust the direction of material movement. When material approaches the elbow's inlet, it usually goes straight up to the primary impact field. After that, the substance is deflected at a 90 degree angle into the elbow vent.

Our 90 degree Elbow is available both in long and short radius types. Long radius elbows have a lesser pressure loss as compared to a short radius elbow and thus have varied usage.

Our 90 Degree elbows are typically made of dense materials for rough applications to withstand extreme temperature and pressure. High vacuum and resists high vibration effects. And we offer them is different material, size, standard type and thread types.

90 elbow are mostly incorporated in industrial areas where the flow of the particles needs controlling and thus our elbows are used in fields such as Gass lines, Fluids for industries, Medical constructions etc.


4) 45 Elbow (45 Degree Elbow) Manufacturers & Suppliers

A 45 degree Elbow essentially has all the characteristics of a 90 degree Elbow with a difference in the angle only. They are long radius elbows and are available in various sizes and material, same as the 90 degree elbows.

We offer different specifications of the elbows as per the requirement with respect to size and diameter of the piping system in place.


5) Pipe Tee Manufacturers & Suppliers

Tee is usually a lateral outlet on a small piece of piping. Pipe Tees are T-shaped pipe fittings with two outputs that are 90 degrees from the main pipe link. Pipe Tees are used to link pipes by connecting them with a pipe that is at a right angle to the line. Our Pipe Tees are a popular type of pipe fitting.

They're made of a variety of substances and come in a variety of sizes and finishes and various materials such as Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, and Cast Iron etc.

Our Pipe Tees are widely used in various industrial applications such as Petroleum, Chemical processing, Refining, Waste Treatment, Power generations etc.


6) Reducer Tee Manufacturers & Suppliers

Reducer Tees are essentially any Tee but with a major difference that it has a port is smaller than the rest two ports which are of equal size. Unlike a Tee fitting which has all three female ends the Reducer Tee has male and female ends both.

Generally, Reducer Tee has all the characteristics that of a normal Tee fitting, they also find their way in variety of industrial usage with many size and configuration options. They are widely used in all application areas of a normal Tee fitting and more.


7) Coupling Manufacturers & Suppliers

Pipe couplings are pipe fittings that aid in the extension or termination of pipe runs. A Pipe Coupling is a very short length of pipe or tube with socket or female pipe threads on one or both sides that requires two pipes or tubes with similar or different sizes to be connected together in piping or plumbing. These fittings may also be used to adjust the size of a shaft. It's sometimes used to fix a leaked or cracked drain.

Our Coupling pipe fitting is usually constructed of the same or equivalent materials as the pipes it connects. They can be rigid or elastic, and they can be permanent or removable, depending on how much movement the pipe is exposed to.


All our pipe fitting products fulfill the perquisites of Dimensional standards such as ANSI, JIS, SK etc and follow material grades in the standards of ASTM, AISI, DIN, JIS, IS or International standards in Carbon/ Alloy/ Stainless Steel. All our products have pressure rating ranging from 2000# & 3000# and we offer a size range from 1/8” to 4”. We are committed to deliver our customers a standard product.