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A pipe tee is a sort of pipe connection that is T-shaped and has two outputs that are 90° to the mainline connection. It's a small section of pipe having a side exit. Pipe Tees are being used to join pipes by forming a 90-degree location also with streams. Pipe Tees are a common type of pipeline connection. These are essential components of the pipe sector. The Tee type threaded pipe fittings are utilized when the system needs a single inlet and two outlets or two inlets and one outlet.

Our tee pipe fittings are built of different materials and come in a variety of dimensions and styles. Our forged Tee fittings are created in applicable standards of ASME B 16.9 and ASME 16.11, for large bore and small bore respectively.

A tee is a type of pipe fitting that is used to divide the main flow into two streams or to combine flow from two streams. Because the form of a pipe tee resembles the alphabet "T". The primary pipe of a Tee is frequently referred to as the main pipe or run pipe, and others as its branches.

The width of the branches might be lower or the same as the dimension of the main pipes. If the branches are like the main pipe, the tee is an equal tee; otherwise, it is an uneven tee or a reducing tee.

Shacha Technoforge is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of Tee Fittings that are widely utilized in a variety of connected sectors. Our fixtures are made from high-quality materials and can meet the needs of bigger groups of customers. We offer a dependable selection of TEE made of a variety of substances and come in a variety of sizes and finishes and various materials such as Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, etc.

Tee Pipe Fittings Applications

Pipe Tees are commonly utilized in a wide range of agricultural and industrial operations. Chemical synthesis sectors, petrochemical industries, pulp, and paper processing plants, refineries, textiles, sewage disposal or waste treatments plants, marine, utilities/ electricity generation, industrial machinery, automobile industry, gas compressing process, and distribution sectors are examples of industrial purpose.

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