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A cross pipe fitting is a piping connection that is cross-shaped with four ports at ninety degrees that link to the mainline. It is a lateral pipes connector with a short length. It is a four-way four-equal-sized female opening fitting that is utilized as one inlet and three outlets or conversely in certain commercial processes including such fire water sprinklers circuits.

Our Cross pipe fittings have a variety of industrial and residential applications, including Automobile, Maritime, Textiles, Refinery, and so on.

The thread is intended to provide a firm grip and a strong link to male piping systems. Pipe crosses are available in 3 alloys including Brass, Steel, and Stainless Steel to satisfy your requirements for durability, tolerance to rust, and conductance.

Shacha Technoforge offers the highest quality standard cross forged fittings which are ideal solutions for a variety of applications across industries. We forge the most suitable solution in cross pipe fittings with specifications that adheres to international standards. 

Clients can customize requests and Shacha Technoforge will deliver the same, the diameters of the exit and inlet may be the same or different. That is, both a straight cross and a decreasing cross are available.

Cross Pipe Fittings Applications

4-way cross pipe fittings are used to connect pipes and to modify or regulate the flow of water via a piping system. Because of its four-way structure, cross connectors could induce pipe pressure when conditions vary. 

As a result, pipe crosses are rarely employed as piping hydrodynamic equipment. Cross pipe connections, on the other hand, are more useful in instances where heat transfer would not be a factor, such as fire protection lines and compressor purposes.

Cross Pipe Fitting Measurements are vital in determining balance and durability. Once identically sized pipes are joined and liquid flows in one channel, it is split into 3 channels. When fluid flows from three different sides but is intended to exist in only one, Cross Tee Pipe Fitting Specifications becomes an issue, which is managed quite ably by the Shacha Technoforge forging process.

At Shacha Technoforge, we provide a wide range of Cross Fittings to our customers, which are utilized in a variety of sectors including air conditioners, chemicals, and manufacturing. Each of our product offerings is verified for ASTM, ASME, MSS, DIN, EN, and JIS codes and standards. The cross fittings are made of high-quality materials, which extends the product's life and improves its operation.

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