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Threaded / Companion Flange

The threaded flange design is also popularly known as a 'companion flange or screw flanges'. It connects the flange to a piping system through a threaded stem. Male threading is cut into the shaft of the flange while female threading is cut into the pipe end; the male threading pipe is then fastened onto the female threading flange. 

Despite the fact that the threaded companion flange type is available in a variety of diameters and pressure ratings, it is mostly utilized for small-sized pipe systems, such as 4 inches. Its application is likewise often limited to non-toxic, low-pressure, and low-temperature applications.

At Shacha Technoforge, forged threaded flanges in the 12 inch to 2-inch range are far more prevalent than those in the 2 inches and larger range. Threaded flanges only have level and elevated faces since they are used for low-pressure purposes.

Advantages of Threaded/ Companion Flange

Shacha Technoforge is renowned around the Indian domestic and the international market for the high quality threaded flanges, and these are especially revered for our innate advantages, including:

  • One of the primary advantages of a threaded / companion flange is that the threaded seal avoids the requirement for welding and hence provides the convenience of an easy installation.

  • Our threaded flanges are known to reduce energy/cost to installation because they do not necessitate welding.

  • Threaded / companion flange facilitates interconnections to be formed in hazardous, combustible environments when soldering is not an option.

  • Effective link in piping materials when a positive and effective weld is hard to achieve.

Application of Threaded / Companion Flange

Threaded flanges can be connected to pipelines of different sizes without any need for welding, which is one of the main reasons that these flanges are so popular. These threaded flanges are suitable for use in highly high-pressure situations, especially at or around air temperature, when post-weld thermal treatment is not practical.

Because of their structure, they are suited for smaller diameter pipe purposes.  Furthermore, threaded flanges are often intended for non-cyclic operations and can be utilized in situations where welding is dangerous. As a result, they can be employed in increased combustible environments.

Shacha Technoforge completely adheres to ASME specifications for forging our finest threaded flanges.

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