Forged Stainless Steel Socket Weld Flanges | Counter Bore Flanges

Socket Weld / Counter Bore Flange

A socket weld flange fitting is a type of pipe connector component that includes a socket and a counter hole. Also known as a counterbore flange, the pipe can be inserted into a submerged section of a flange or connection. Seal welds of the filets type to each other to connect the valve or pipelines to another portion of the pipes. 

A forged socket weld flange is a suitable choice in a variety of situations. The advantages of high leakage stability and strength properties are significant factors that must be considered while constructing your pipeline project.

At Shacha Technoforge, each of our high-quality flanges follows a stringent dimension standard. In this case, socket weld flanges are made in accordance with ASTM specifications as well as ASME B16.5/16.11.

Advantages of Socket Weld Flange

At Shacha Technoforge, we forge the best in class carbon steel socket weld flange, our products boast a lot of advantages over other flanges and brands, such as:

  • To reduce the possibility of leaking, socket weld flanges might be used instead of threaded flanges.

  • There is no need to bevel before welding.

  • Welded operations performed outside of the pipe will not enter the pipe core.

  • It is suited for situations requiring tough interior welding processes. This socket welded structure avoids interior voids while preventing welding thermal residual stress and flange face harm inflicted by weld dispersion. It has the same internal pressure as the slip-on flange and lasts longer in terms of endurance.

  • Because of their basic form, socket weld flanges are particularly designed for small pipe size operations.

Applications of Socket Weld or Counter Bore Flanges

Socket weld fittings are designed for low to moderate pressure in restricted places and may be utilized in a variety of industrial facilities. Used in areas when plumbing has been determined to be continuous. Furthermore, they have been built in such a way that they have superior flow properties. 

When it is used in combination with ASME pipe, it allows for varied specifications to be achieved. Reducers, tees, elbows, and other socket weld pipe fittings can be used in pipelines to transport costly, combustible, or poisonous products where there is no risk of leaking.

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