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Slip on Flange

Slip-on flanges are also known as SO flanges are meant to fit onto pipework and are somewhat larger on the interior than the pipe. We attach to the pipes by a welded joint at the top and bottom of the flanges. 

This is utilized to place the pipes further into the flange's interior bore; because the flange's internal diameter is slightly larger than that of the pipe's external diameter, the piping and flanges may be joined by lap welding at the top and bottom of the flange.

Our Slip-on Flange is generally simple to attach and so has the broadest applicability, as well as a reasonable cost of materials. These flange fittings can also be used in place of lap joint flanges. 

Slip-on forged flanges are simply a disk that's also fitted over the pipe’s end, with the surface of the flanges protruding far enough from the end of the pipe to allow for welding beads to be applied on the core diameter. Whenever it comes to materials at low pressure and with little to no chance of leaking, our solution is an excellent alternative.

Here are some advantages of our slip-on flanges:

  1. At Shacha Technoforge, all of our products are reasonably priced and especially with our slip-on flange, the Installation cost is even lower than any other option in the market.

  2. Our manufacturing facilities and state-of-the-art machinery ensure that lesser time is spent on machining the pipe accurately with slip-on flange.

  3. Our slip-on flange is known for its easier alignment with any piping system.

  4. There is relatively lower pressure on slip-on flanges due to pipe slips in the flange

  5. Our slip-on forged steel flange facilitate interior and outer welding of the flange

  6. As its basic application, our slip-on flange effectively prevents any sort of leakage.

Application of Slip-On flange

Slip-On flanges are mostly utilized for liquids in a piping network with reduced pressure flow or with a lower chance of leaking. These flanges are commonly found in cooling fluid connections, tactical water mains such as for fire and rescue, reduced pressurized airlines, and processing sections for materials such as vapor, oils, gasoline, condensates, and so on. However, keep in mind that the substance to be dispersed is under reduced tension and the working conditions are not severe.

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