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Lap Joint Flange

Lap joint flanges are most often seen on carbon or moderate alloy steel pipe networks. A lap-joint stub end is required to connect the lap-joint flange to the pipe network. The lap-joint flange and stub-end combination are primarily utilized in pipework that must be dismantled often for evaluation or normal servicing.

Because of its rapid bolt hole positioning, it is also employed in the installation of larger surface areas or difficult-to-adjust pipe systems. A lap-joint flange is a two-part arrangement that consists of a stub end beside the lap-joint ring flanges fitted over it. After welding the stub end to the pipe, the hub plate may be adjusted to coincide well with the mated flange. 

This flange attachment is especially beneficial for big or difficult-to-adjust flanges. The lap joint flange could be utilized in the same sizes and pressure categories as a weld-neck flange. At Shacha Technoforge we manufacture the best standard forged lap joint flange.

Advantages of Lap Joint Flange

Lap Joint flanges have some distinct benefits over all other types of flanges. These are the following:

  • Lap Joint flanges may swivel freely around the pipe, this makes it easier to align opposing flange bolt holes.

  • Since these flanges are not in touch with both the liquid within the pipe, they are more durable.

  • The lap joint flanges in corroding or eroding pipework can be saved for reuse.

  • Lap joint flanges have a low pressure-holding capability.

  • On the stub, the Lap Joint serves as a supporting band.

  • The essential feature of lap joint flanges is that when the welds are performed, the bolt holes may be matched with the corresponding flange.

  • They are capable of rotating together.

If an expensive pipe, such as stainless steel is utilized, the lap joint flange is cost-effective since the flanges can be carbon steel and only the lap joint stub end deserves to be given in the line materials. Lap joint flanges are utilized in non-critical and reduced installations.

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